Why Should You Ditch Periodic Security Audits in 2024

Andrey Ivashin
CIO, Dyninno Group

As industries mature, they often excessively rely on established practices and standards. It is comforting to have industry-established practices to fall back on, even if they no longer serve a significant purpose. While wasting time and money on outdated practices may seem inconsequential, relying on customs of the past can cause real harm to your system and business.

Conducting periodic security audits of company systems is still a common practice. ‘Periodic’ may refer to audits conducted annually or perhaps quarterly. In my opinion, such audits can be both time-consuming and costly. Moreover, they can be harmful as they may create a false sense of security, even though the data, systems and the entire business might be actively exposed to dangerous vulnerabilities. So 2024 might be the year to ditch them for good.

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