Run, Dynatech, Run: Embracing Unity at the Rimi Riga Marathon

At Dynatech, we believe in embracing the perfect blend of hard work, fun, and a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. And what better way to embody this philosophy than by taking on one of the most epic running events of the year? That's right, we're talking about the adrenaline-pumping Rimi Riga Marathon!

As part of our annual tradition, this year more than 35 runners joined us to push their limits, taking on various distances, including the speedy 5 km, the challenging 10 km, the epic 21 km, and even the ultimate 42 km marathon. 

But before we even reached the starting line, our team was already in full swing, cheering each other up, taking snapshots together, and igniting the flame of motivation within one another. It was a time of spirited encouragement, a chance to come together and boost our spirits before the big race began. 

Among our standout runners was Karlis Mekss, who did the seemingly impossible thing – ran the full marathon for the very first time and completed it in a mere 3 hours and 37 minutes. We had the privilege of sitting down with Karlis pre-race, learning about his journey and uncovering the depths of his experience in the video interview, which you can watch below.

While Karlis courageously embraced the ultimate endurance test, other members of our team also took on different challenging distances. For example, Alexey Prigogine ran an impressive half marathon for 1 hour and 43 minutes, while the rest of our team divided themselves equally between the 10 km and 5 km races. It was truly a team effort, and we all felt the power of working together towards a common goal.

As we crossed the finish line, pleasantly tired and overflowing with a sense of accomplishment, we indulged in a well-deserved lunch together. With joy in our hearts, we shared our impressions, knowing that every ache, every ounce of sweat, and every ounce of effort had been worth it.

Needless to say, it was an amazing experience for our Dynafamily, and we are proud of each and every one of our runners who pushed themselves to achieve their goals. After all, the qualities of persistence and determination flow through our team like water!

But at Dynatech, we know that achieving greatness extends beyond mere results. This year’s Rimi Riga Marathon was not just about reaching a finish line, but about the relationships we build, the support we provide, and the memories we create. We stand together, inspired by our shared journey, and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Ready to march onward? Always! United by Cause - Team is a Force!



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