Puneet Kumar on Effective Team Communication in Remote Settings


Puneet Kumar, CTO of Dyninno India, is a seasoned technology professional with over two decades of experience in building and leading diverse engineering teams. Puneet’s expertise in managing remote teams and his strategic approach to communication make him an ideal candidate to discuss the topic: “How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space”. 

Puneet has been instrumental in guiding Dyninno India through the transitions of the Pandemic and back. He has successfully leveraged communication tools to bridge the gap between remote and on-site work, emphasizing the importance of overcommunication, and the consistent reinforcement of remote work guidelines to ensure productivity. 

In the hybrid work era, Puneet has proven that effective collaboration can be achieved regardless of physical location. His hands-on experience and practical strategies offer valuable insights for leaders navigating the challenges of remote team management on how to build and scale a tech team across geographies. Despite the widespread Pandemic, unstable job market, and Dyninno Group being new to India, Dyninno India’s tech team has grown across New Delhi and Bengaluru from just one person (Puneet himself) to a growing team of 80 experienced IT professionals across many fields. 

Read more insights about Puneetl’s journey and access his full interview here


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