Latvian Company Dynatech Develops a World-Class Airline Ticket Platform

This year the international airline ticketing service ASAP Tickets turns 20, and for the last five years, its technical development, maintenance, and popularization has been handled by a Latvian company Dynatech that specializes in IT, marketing, project management, and design, and provides other services for business support. Since Dynatech took over maintenance of ASAP Tickets, their platform's clientele has almost tripled. Over the last five years, ASAP Tickets have attracted 32,200,242 new users and sold 1,128,301 airline tickets to popular destinations such as the Philippines, the United States, and Italy. 

Latvian company Dynatech is one of the twelve global offices of the international group of companies Dyninno. Dynatech functions as a competence center for the group and assists Dyninno brands with the development of products and services in the travel, fintech, and entertainment industries by providing in-house high-tech solutions and competences in marketing, project management, design, etc. 

“Since Dynatech was founded, we have taken over the improvement and maintenance of ASAP Tickets to ensure centralized development of the platform. We provide a range of services on a day to day basis. For example, one of them is the planning, development, and maintenance of the architecture of both public and internal applications to ensure that the system works stably and effectively and to improve the user experience of our applications. With the start of the pandemic and the consequent change of our business model, we had to implement new algorithms and technical solutions in a short timespan to ensure that our 1,500-strong global sales team can work effectively," Dynatech CTO Mareks Reppo explains.

Thanks to our ability to react quickly to challenges and the support of the Dynatech team, in the first five months of 2021, in addition to our US domestic flights sales, the ASAP Tickets website sold 12.5% of all tickets sold worldwide for travel from the US to Africa and almost 20% of all tickets sold for travel from the US to the Philippines. “Our IT team relishes the opportunity to prove themselves by taking part in international and technically challenging projects that are professionally demanding, but at the same time create the opportunity to significantly expand their competences,” Reppo adds. 

Airline ticketing service ASAP Tickets is one of Dyninno Group's main brands within their travel division and one of the largest ticket booking sites in the US, used frequently alongside such industry giants as Expedia or Kayak. Thanks to the technological, marketing, and professional support provided by Dynatech specialists, prior to the pandemic the platform served more than 1 million users each month interested in international flights. While during the pandemic, Dynatech professionals helped refocus ASAP Tickets from international to US domestic flights, which allowed the platform to finish 2020 with a profit. 

While the American platform ASAP Tickets turns 20, the Dynatech team of 250 professionals in Latvia will celebrate their five-year anniversary this summer. The company continues to grow their team, each year announcing around 100 vacancies, mostly in IT.



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