Friday Lectures Spring Season: A Journey of Knowledge and Growth

The thirst for knowledge, curiosity and the willingness to share run deep within our Dynatech team, and the recent spring season of our Friday Lectures was a clear showcase of these traits in action.

Throughout this time, we’ve explored a diverse range of topics: from the intricacies of the tech world to the inner workings of Helpdesk, from the secrets of cross-team collaboration to unveiling our new venture in the travel division, and much more.

Yet, what made these lectures truly special was the genuine and unfiltered manner in which our colleagues shared their expertise and opened up about their experiences, embracing both failures and successes. The lively Q&A sessions that rounded off each lecture infused the gatherings with vibrant conversations, sparking a fun and friendly atmosphere for all.

Now, let’s delve into the captivating topics that our colleagues covered during this enriching period!

We embarked on our learning journey with Sergejs Cernecovs, who took us beyond the basics of Elastic search, expanding our understanding and challenging us to explore its full potential. 

Following that, Miks Fridenvalds shared his invaluable experience working with India, providing us with a broader perspective on global collaborations and cultural diversity.

Jekaterina Petrova's presentation introduced us to our new venture, Dreamport – an online platform that brings together Independent Travel Managers from all corners of the globe – inspiring us to strive for innovation and excellence.  

Then came Aleksejs Grigorjevs, a master storyteller who captivated us with his VoIP survival night saga. Through his story of failure, he reminded us that even the toughest lessons can be our greatest teachers.

Davit Karapetyan took the stage next, emphasizing the importance of reducing tech debt to add business value and presenting the GBO & PGW story as a shining example. 

Janis Derums shared his insights on working with international teams, equipping us with the skills necessary to bridge cross-cultural gaps and build harmonious collaborations.

Andris Zolovkins took us on testing adventures at Trevolution. He emphasized the crucial role of quality assurance in product development, reminding us that attention to detail is the key to excellence.

Aleksandrs Kostarevs shed light on the delicate art of project management, where the interplay of time, cost, and scope determines success. His expertise guided us in navigating these intricacies and steering our projects towards achievement.

Kaspars Andersons, our Helpdesk guru, shared insights from the frontlines of Helpdesk routine, giving us a deeper understanding of customer support and its significance. 

And the grand finale of our Friday Lectures series happened with Ilze Gramste holding a lecture on cross-team collaboration. Her guidance provided us with the necessary tools to foster teamwork and achieve shared goals effectively.

As we keep moving forward on our journey, we truly believe in the power of our collective knowledge to take us to new heights. In the words of Henry Ford, "When we come together, we begin. When we stay together, we make progress. And when we work together, we achieve success."


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