Embracing the “Right to Disconnect”: Striking a Balance for Employee Well-being

The "Right to Disconnect" policy is far from a new concept, yet its impact on employee well-being and workplace culture remains a hot topic of discussion. This policy grants employees the freedom to unplug from work and avoid work-related communications during non-working hours.

Originating from France, the "Right to Disconnect" has already been embraced in countries like Italy, Slovakia, Canada, and The Philippines. However, despite its proven benefits, many nations still lack specific laws to protect employees from after-hours work disturbances.

Dynatech HR Director, Inna Solomatina, sheds light on the benefits of the "Right to Disconnect" policy and emphasizes the need to address the "productivity paranoia" within the workforce. She explains, "This mindset, prevalent in many companies of all sizes, fosters a culture of overworking where individuals feel pressured to work outside regular hours to be considered high performers.”

Inna believes such a policy could help promote a healthier work-life balance and become an attractive perk for talent acquisition and retention, given the value professionals place on work-life balance when choosing employers.

To gain further insights into this topic, read the full article here.


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