Dyninno’s Incident Management: Introduction

Vladimirs Romanovskis
Incident Management Teamlead

Incident management (IM) at Dyninno Group is a relatively new process. When I joined to enhance it three years ago, I realized IM lacked effectiveness due to diffused responsibility. Join me on this 3-part journey, as we explore the beginnings and the inner workings of Dyninno Group’s incident management process, from the roles to the response strategy that lead to an effective resolution.

Rough Beginnings

A significant hurdle we faced was the lack of ownership for the incident management process. Initially, only Helpdesk members were involved to fulfill incident response function in first line. Upon my arrival, the monitoring system was in disarray, with alerts being unintelligible to anyone outside the originating teams.

My observation revealed that the Helpdesk, juggling their primary user support duties with incident management, struggled with this additional responsibility, affecting the quality of the process which was without centralized control.

Key Goals of IM

But first, let’s reiterate what IM is all about.

The key goal of IM is not just to restore operations quickly but to coordinate effectively for faster system recovery. Also, IM provides transparency for all stakeholders.

Corporations facing seemingly never-ending technical difficulties often result from teams making temporary fixes without implementing permanent improvements, like better monitoring or system resilience, due to competing priorities or lack of follow-up. This is where IM steps in.

Effective incident management varies with company size and system complexity. At Dyninno, the interconnected nature of individual team projects necessitates a cohesive approach, much like different teams being responsible for a car’s wheels and engine but having one goal — to keep the car running.

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