Debunking Time Tracking in IT

Puneet Kumar
CTO at Dynatech India

Due to the post-pandemic work arrangements, more and more companies – especially in IT – use time-tracking solutions on their systems. Not only is this trend wasting money and time (oh, the irony!), but it also sows distrust among the employees and lulls managers into a false sense of being on top of their tasks. Here's why.

How people work

Each position and each person is, of course, unique, but there are objective, general trends that can be observed. Let's take software developers, for instance - they cannot be effectively measured in terms of time spent on specific tasks. Especially talented individuals can work a few hours and claim that as an output for the whole day. Often, their self-assessment is accurate.

In these cases, and most cases in general, time-tracking doesn't help, and never really converts into productivity or even business. You cannot box any creative form of work into time, and writing code is as much an art as it is a science.

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