We value the wellbeing of our employees

Glancing Back at Dynatech's Annual Wellbeing Week 

Healthy and happy employees equal more productivity. But, more importantly, it means a better, more relaxed, and positive work culture, which is what we aim for here at Dynatech.  

Every year we organize a wellbeing week to gain knowledge and hands-on experience on how to live a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. This year, nutrition, sleep, physical and mental health, as well as stress management were the main focuses during our daily seminars and practical workshops, where not only top health experts, but also Dynatech's team members shared their knowledge, as well as personal journey of wellbeing.  

A lot of attention was given to food and sleep – the basic pillars of a healthy life. Ieva Dulmane, a nutrition and health coach, shared tips and tricks of mindful and healthy eating, while reminding that no balance can be achieved without a good night's rest. Basically, sticking to an overall healthy and nutrient-rich diet affects our brain health and activity — and in turn, our sleep. These two factors are essential for our body and mind to remain healthy and avoid diseases. What's important, no healthy goal can be achieved without the right mindset, positive environment, and consistency of habits.  

At Dynatech, we value work-life balance. While living in a highly demanding world, it is our responsibility to effectively balance work and career ambitions and those of our personal life.  Finding the right balance doesn't always come easy and right away. Our head of marketing at EnterTech, Jevgenijs Metelovs, shared his personal journey of having an extremely packed schedule, experiencing burnout and only then finding the right balance. His lesson to others – dedicate time not only to work, find enough time for pleasure and hobbies, and don't forget about the importance of sleep. Another team member – our PR director, Ekaterina Belousova – revealed that she managed to achieve better balance of the two worlds, when her friends got her a dog. Her new friend needed regular walks and a lot of attention, which made Ekaterina focus more on life outside her work. Turns out, it helped to be more productive at work, too!  

There are two more things every good employee needs to do his/her job well – emotional wellbeing and good stress management. Only those who are emotionally healthy can be in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. In words of psychotherapist Madara Pumpure, we all need to realize what causes most stress and anxiety in our lives, and work on reducing or managing those components. Unpredictability, conflict, not feeling safe – those are some of the main factors that can badly affect our emotional wellbeing. During workshops at Dynatech, employees also had a chance to improve their stress management skillset and techniques as well as recognize situations in everyday life that can cause stress. Alīna Voronova, a practical well-being expert, suggested before reacting swiftly to anything, just to take a pause and just breathe in and out.  

Finally, wellbeing can't be achieved without a healthy body, because that goes hand in hand with a healthy spirit. Dynatech's employees, who are not only great professionals, but also have fascinating hobbies outside of work, shared their experience of having sport as a hobby. For example, our developer at Dynatech, Sergey Marin, has a hobby of, wait for it, flying. He's been a hang glider pilot since 1999 and has flown more than 750 hours in the air. Just like a free bird! His story, full of dedication and passion, inspired others to discover the activity and try it out as well. Another employee – Dyninno Group's CIO Andrey Ivashin – inspired others to try out cycling to work, as it's not only healthy, but it also actually improves the mood and sets the mind right. Turns out, if you can turn sports activities into your hobby, you can fill two needs with one deed, as you improve your physical health and have a great spare time! 

Annual wellbeing week at Dynatech has ended, but many good ideas on how to improve the quality of our daily lives are here to stay with us. See you next year – healthier, happier and better!  


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