Tech Leadership in Hybrid Work Era: Melding Here, There, and Everywhere

Puneet Kumar
CTO of Dyninno

The hybrid work era has arrived, melding the home and corporate office. In this landscape, tech leaders must embrace multifaceted roles as IT experts, employee wellness champions, and protectors of the digital realm. According to the Unispace Global Workplace Insights report, over 90% of employees expect to be in the office at least four days a week. But what about the remaining 10%? How do we accommodate their needs and adapt to the slow but steady demand for hybrid work?

Foremost, let’s address how tech leaders are leveraging communication tools. As digital workspaces become the norm, the demand for collaboration tools has skyrocketed. However, it’s important to realize that merely having these tools is not enough; the key lies in using them effectively. Guiding teams on the best practices for these tools is a vital responsibility for a tech leader. The Global Hybrid Working Report 2023 by the Insights Group highlights that building relationships and maintaining social connections have become more challenging in hybrid teams, with 40% of employees missing social connection and casual conversations. This suggests that remote workers may feel left out of important information and discussions when they are not physically present in the office.

In hybrid workspaces, written and verbal communication supplants non-verbal cues, inviting potential misunderstandings and inadvertently fostering suboptimal collaboration. The remedy? Overcommunicate in writing and compensate for the lack of non-verbal signals during remote calls. Encourage video calls over audio-only conversations to maintain a semblance of face-to-face communication. 

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