How to Nail an Online Interview?

Inna Solomatina
HR Director, Dynatech

The recruitment process was one of the first among all business activities to move online, in the spring of 2020. Ever since, the remote format has prevailed and both candidates and recruitment teams have had to adjust to the new circumstances. Even though it was not a completely novel process for us, we still had to figure out how best organize online hiring for both sides. Having experienced hundreds of interviews in the last year and a half, we have gathered together tips on how to nail an online interview.

  1. As you know, technical devices can fail. And usually this happens at the very moment when you least expect it, for example, during an interview. Therefore, prior to the interview, check your internet connection, video and audio headset, and ensure that the necessary interview program has been downloaded. 

  2. Make sure your camera is working and is on during the interview. Having no camera on during an online interview will limit your ability to show your full potential. Your gestures and facial expressions can play a big role in presenting yourself.

  3. Prepare your meeting space and your look in advance. Even though this is an online format, your appearance should match the occasion, as if you were in an on-site interview. Besides looking neat, it's important to take care of your video background. If needed, use some available formal background options on the meeting platform. Of course, you can also choose a background with balloons - but before you do this, ask yourself how it will help you get the desired position.

  4. Before the interview, warn your family in advance not to disturb you and not enter the room. However, many of us might have some inevitable distractions, such as kids who study or play at home. It's okay if your child gets into the frame at some point. We are all humans, so we treat such situations with understanding and tolerance. The only thing is for the applicant themself not to start worrying too much about this.

  5. It's best to choose home over a coffee shop as an online interview location. It is difficult to find a café without background noise and music, and that could affect the quality of the sound and audibility. Besides, you might not want to disclose any confidential information or speak all over the coffee shop when answering sensitive questions. 

  6. The online interview format creates a fairly relaxed atmosphere. It might seem that it's not a big deal to smoke or have a light snack (yes, this also occurs). Here, you have to ask yourself if you would behave like this in a face-to-face interview. Most likely not - that's why it's better not to do this in this case, either.

  7. All you might need during the interview should be placed nearby. A glass of water, your resume, a computer charger, pen and paper - nothing should distract you from demonstrating your strengths.

  8. During the online interview, your voice has a big impact. Try to express yourself in the most polite and clear way as possible. Your voice, choice of words and active listening (especially smile) play a big role.

  9. Lastly, pay attention to whether the image on the video is "frozen". If this happens, do not hesitate to ask if you can be clearly seen and heard.

Now you're fully equipped to nail your next online interview! See if any of our job openings captures your attention:


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