Global HR Director: Why Employees Need Both Financial and Non-Financial Rewards

“Appreciation helps in driving business results and enhancing efficiency within any organization,” says Dynatech's Global HR Director Inna Solomatina. “People are wired to respond to positive reinforcement,” she adds. 

 Employees require motivation that goes beyond the conventional monetary benefits. Recognition, hybrid work modes, and flexible hours are some of the most impactful non-financial rewards. At Dynatech, 30% of our workforce has been with us for more than five years. Every year, three to four former employees who previously worked elsewhere return to Dynatech. This indicates that employee rewards at the company go beyond just financial benefits. 

 When an organization trusts its employees, they feel empowered to explore new responsibilities. There is a sense of belonging and purpose that drives them to go above and beyond at their chosen place of work. After all, an organization is only as good as its employees. 

 Check out the article by Inna Solomatina, which emphasizes and explains the significance of providing employees with both monetary and non-monetary incentives. 


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