Dynatech Results 2022

A Latvia-based company, Dynatech, provides services and solutions to millions of global clients, employs over 300 people in Latvia, and continues to expand

Dynatech, a Latvia-based innovative competence hub, continues to develop complex global products and expand its office space right in the heart of Riga while actively recruiting new specialists. Keeping up with the pace of the previous year, the company plans to further expand their team in Riga by another hundred employees in 2023.

“2022 has been an exciting year for the company. I believe our biggest accomplishment was the collective decision-making that allowed us to maintain a virtually unchanged employee number despite the ever-changing regulations of the pandemic. This enabled us to tackle orders with immense resources as the economy was recovering. Moreover, the pandemic provided us with the opportunity to assess and analyze new niches that we had not previously considered, such as domestic flights in the travel sector. With the lifting of restrictions, employee enthusiasm, and the management's willingness to make up for losses, we were able to launch new, large-scale projects and open up new markets,” says Līga Pauliņa, CEO of Dynatech.  

In 2022, Dynatech, a company specializing in IT, marketing, project management, design, and other business support services, and employing more than 300 people in Riga, paid nearly seven million euros in taxes, thus ranking among the largest taxpayers in Latvia.

“In recent years, attracting investments to Latvia has been an increasingly popular topic. We've had a lot of discussion on tax policy changes, creating a more immigrant-friendly relocation and integration policy, improving accessibility to housing, and other issues. Latvia still has some room for improvement on all of these fronts. Nevertheless, employee qualification, motivation and responsibility levels in Latvia are consistently high. I am absolutely convinced that a great deal of Dyninno Group's success lies in the performance of the Dynatech team,” L. Pauliņa claims.

As part of the international Dyninno Group, Dynatech develops dozens of products in the travel, entertainment, and finance sectors. Dyninno's earliest and most lucrative business is travel, and its ventures include such globally renowned ticketing platforms as Asaptickets and Skyluxtravel. This year, the Latvian team introduced new technologies and optimized server infrastructure for several travel business products, allowing the system to support five times more flight searches and process six times more voice calls without increasing costs. 

“Living in the age of globalization provides a unique opportunity for us to work in a local company here in Latvia while being part of an international business and developing products that improve people's daily lives all over the world, from the Philippines to Colombia. Investors have expressed a strong interest in contributing to and working with the Latvian workforce, which I think is very important,” says Andrejs Ivašins, Dynatech Information Technology Director.

This year, Dynatech has modernized its tech stack and now also relies on such programming languages as GoLang, TypeScript, Python and PHP. “As obscure as these words may appear to some, they are heavyweights in the world of technology. Each of these technologies brings unique features and capabilities, making the products developed by companies more competitive and technologically interesting,” A. Ivašins emphasizes.

Additionally, Dynatech utilizes various frameworks and libraries, such as Node.js, Next.js, Symfony, React, NestJS, Redux, Angular, Jest and Vue.js. The company stores and processes data using MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, ElasticSearch, while the infrastructure is composed of various AWS services as well as technologies such as Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Istio, ELK, Sentry, Prometheus, Grafana, and Loki.

“Next year, the company plans to expand their current product offerings and introduce new product lines in both existing markets and new regions. To effectively achieve this goal, the company will continue investing in new technologies and expanding its pool of IT professionals not only in Latvia, but also in other offices around the world,” A. Ivašins claims.

Dynatech has been operating as a group competence center in Latvia for six years and continues to grow. In 2022, the company conducted over 1200 initial interviews with the new professionals. "The busiest month was November, when a total of 20 new employees joined the company. We are also planning to run large-scale campaigns next year to attract the best professionals in the field,” says Inna Solomatina, Human Resources Manager at Dynatech. The company employs not only Latvian specialists, but also 45 employees from abroad.

As to the company's financial sector, Latvia's IT and risk analysis specialists maintain the Ecofinance lending platform, with the majority of their clients based in Moldova and Romania. Ecofinance now boasts six million customers. In the meantime, a UK-based financial service provider, MultiPass, with a support team also based in Latvia, provides an easy way to make international payments. Latvian specialists collaborate with their colleagues in Dubai, New York and other parts of the world. Last year, Multipass' commitment to customer satisfaction earned them recognition, including two prestigious Fintech awards: "FX Innovation of the Year" and "Business Banking Winner 2022."

As to Dyninno’s entertainment sector, employees in Riga maintain two Entertech talent selection platforms, where budding talents meet show business scouting professionals. Both platforms gained incredible popularity in the United States, with KidsCasting having over 2 million active clients and AllCasting boasting 4.3 million active users.

Through Dynatech team's support and project management skills, this year Dyninno Group opened seven new offices, including in Brazil, Uzbekistan, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. As a whole, Dyninno Group employs more than 4,000 people in different parts of the world.  


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