Dynatech Director: A Good Leader Acts According to Values

Leadership is about values and creating a safe working environmentclaims the director of Dynatech Līga Pauliņa, a lawyer by education. She's been with Dynatech for over five years and for three of them she's been leading a team of more than 300 people. She shared her leadership experience with the Riga TechGirls' mentorship program students.

"Being a company director was not something I had in mind when I first started working at Dynatech. But it's up to you to show your competencies and unique skills that can open doors to exciting career opportunities. It all comes down to your overall mindset and the attitude towards what you do", Liga remarks. She started working for the Dyninno Group as a lawyer, but a few years later, she became the director of the group's competency's hub Dynatech. "No matter what position you have in a company, whether you are a lawyer, an IT specialist, or someone else, you must be able to see yourself in the overall company organism, in the big picture," she adds.

She believes that a good leader is one who instills values in their team. “A person can lead others and take the helm if he or she has a solid core, self-awareness, and a clear understanding of what to offer others.”, the director of Dynatech says. She underlines that a good leader should also set an example for others: "Broadcast the company's decisions  through  yourself as a leader, make known what's the common goal, and why it's important."

To develop leadership skills, Liga advises assuming a leadership role, even in a small team: "When we lead people, we naturally develop our leadership potential. I believe there’s nothing wrong with reading books, but one shouldn't expect that reading ten books will make the person a good leader." She strongly advises focusing on personal growth: "The best way to develop yourself is to invest in building your knowledge and competence, build your inner core and confidence, understand what's important to you and follow this, and always dedicate enough time to sleep." She also suggests reading more fiction to relax the mind, enrich the language, and boost creativity.


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