Big Hearts to Little Hearts: Charity Month at Dynatech

The festive winter season is filled with a special kind of magic. But this magic is not only about sharing beautiful moments of togetherness with loved ones; it also lies in spreading kindness and compassion to those less fortunate. This year, at Dynatech, we decided to spread some holiday cheer by supporting two special causes: pets in need and children in need.

At the beginning of the month, we initiated a donation drive to gather food, toys, and other items for homeless pets from a local animal shelter, Ausma. Our community has shown an incredible level of support, and in a single week we've managed to collect enough supplies to make sure our little furry friends were warm and well-fed throughout the cold winter season.

At the culmination event in Roja, where we brought our donations, we got to snuggle with the animals while enjoying a warm acoustic concert to celebrate our collective efforts. This experience was truly a moving one; it showed us that when we come together for a cause, anything is paws'ible, and we did make a difference in the lives of many animals that day.

Inspired by our accomplishments and overflowing with gratitude, we set out for the next very special cause: "Charity for Children." Children anticipate Christmas like no other, therefore we decided to bring in some holiday magic and get nice presents for the kids in need from Balvi.

In cooperation with Balvi’s social department director, we obtained a list of children’s wishes and invited our colleagues to help bring some much-needed light into these little hearts' lives. Before we knew it, the donations started pouring in, and in a matter of less than one week, we checked off every single item on the list! As a result, we delivered several dozen boxes of generous gifts from Riga to Balvi. To add a little bit of extra joy, each child on the list of needy families in Balvi municipality has also received a box of "Skrīveri" sweets. 

You can read more about our charity project at Balvi district webpage.

Now that New Year's Eve is right around the corner, we look back on this experience with a sense of joy and fulfillment. The power of giving is truly the most meaningful gift of all, and this December, we had an amazing opportunity to experience the joys of this gift by spreading love and holiday magic to those who need it most.


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